Byron Academy STEM Course

Byron Academy offers the courses below for credit. The grades and credits from these courses can transfer to your high school transcript. Our academic counselors will work with you and your school to ensure you receive the credit you deserve for these dynamic courses. Each Byron Academy course has been selected to provide you with a dynamic and innovative learning experience.
  • CES: Introduction to Engineering

  •      LI.CES.300111.0.NP
  • CES: Forensic Science

  •      LI.CES.302312.0.NP
  • CES: Engineering Land Speed Vehicles

  •      LI.CES.300210.0.NP
  • Introduction to Computer Programming Part 1

  •      LI.TEC.300307.1.PE
    1 Semester
  • Introduction to Computer Programming Part 2

  •      LI.TEC.300307.2.PE