Academic Tutoring

Byron Academy's academic tutoring is different. It is tailored specifically for young women interested in pursuing a careering in a science, technology, engineering, math or computer science higher education and career path. Whether you need help to prepare for an algebra exam or you want to meet with a computer coding tutor to review your computer code, we have a professional tutor to meet your needs.

How is Byron Academy's tutoring different?
  • Specially trained tutors that help young women develop the skills they need to succeed academically
  • Experienced, professional, U.S. based
  • Live, one-on-one classroom environment full of the tools you need to learn
  • When you start working with a Byron tutor, they'll take you under their wing, helping guide you down a science, technology, engineering or math path
  • Schedule sessions on your schedule. We're flexible to meet your busy schedule
  • Academic performance is tracked and benchmarked against the Common Core Standards
  • Tutors collaborate with staff to help us prepare you for effective SAT/ACT test prep planning, college advising and application services and more
  • We'll coordinate with your teachers to ensure we're preparing you for your coursework

  • 3 hours of tutoring per month: $89

  • Hourly: $42 / hour