SAT / ACT Test Prep

Colleges and Universities use SAT and ACT test scores to help compare you to other students. If you plan on applying to a competitive college or university, achieving a high score is important. But which test is right for you, the SAT or the ACT? Our test preparation professionals help you determine which test you will perform best on and our dual track EdgePrepLive test prep will guide you to making the "which test?" decision..

Byron Academy and EdgePrepLive have developed custom SAT and ACT test prep courses designed specifically for young women that wish to pursue a STEM higher education path. Our professional SAT and ACT instructors have helped thousands of students prepare for these important exams.

The course includes a comprehensive one-day online live class, led by a certified test prep instructor. Students are then guided through a rigorous 30-day, comprehensive online test prep curriculum, which includes hundreds of videos, practice exams and a diagnostic. The discounted price for Byron Academy is just $179.

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