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Name: Akaki
Gender: MALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Science, Social Studies
Bio description: Due to my stellar grades in the first semester of freshmen year in college, I was invited to tutor biology and chemistry for the second semester. Since I loved science and found it easy and fun, I thought I'd be a good candidate to share knowledge. At first, I was tutoring introductory courses, but as I gained more experience I started teaching advanced courses such as organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, etc. As I continued my college career, I became interested in physics and psychology. I kept taking physics and psychology courses to satisfy my curiosity and even ended up writing a thesis in psychology. The school at the time lacked science tutors, thus I decided to add physics and psychology to my tutoring list. Senior year I was tutoring the majority of chemistry and biology courses offered by the school and 100 and 200 level physics and psychology courses. In my junior year of college, I became a leader of the "Student Success Team" which consisted of five dedicated tutors with a mission to establish new and creative ways of helping students with their academics. We focused on teaching students how to succeed in college. We created a program called “Time is Money”. Most people don't realize how inefficient they are with their time. Thus, our goal was to open students' eyes and teach them strategies designed to maximize efficiency. We also created the "Learn How to Learn" program which taught students how to use active learning strategies and develop great study habits. In the last semester of my college career, I explored the uncharted territory of online tutoring. Until that time, all my sessions were in person, thus the transition was difficult but successful. I soon learned how to navigate the online platforms and employed drawing tools to maximize the success of my tutees. Even though managing the teams, running group sessions and our programs were difficult at first, soon it became my second nature. Today I am very comfortable interacting through a webcam and believe that tutees are not losing anything by switching to online sessions. Currently, I am a master's student at Albany Medical College and am looking to continue my passion for educating and helping others with their academics.
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