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Name: Andrew
Gender: MALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: World Languages, Language Arts, Social Studies
Bio description: The popular adage “the journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step” are words which resonate in my intellectual psyche, each time I endeavor to improve on my professional competence and development. As a West Indian, I am constantly reminded by my superiors of the pivotal role of education, in the quest for social and economic upward mobility. For many Caribbean nationals and expatriates, the acquisition of the highest educational qualification helps to secure a higher standard of living—proffering the individual a more positive image of self, greater access to economic opportunities and enabling many, who were once underprivileged, to become world-recognized leaders. That higher education affords individuals with invaluable social and economic privileges is undeniable. Consequently, I have made the resolute decision to continue in the legacy of many of my eminent education forebears. A native of Jamaica, I was educated at York Castle High, in the garden Parish of St. Ann. During my five year tenure at the above named noble institution, I was an active participant in the social and educational activities of the institution. In my senior year, I was elected to the post of student body president. My natural passion and affinity for Spanish provided me with my first teaching experience at the above named institution. As a rural school, qualified teachers were sometimes not at disposal, due to wide scale migration to urban areas, in search of higher education and better employment opportunities. Thus, I was asked to function in the capacity as a student-teacher, as a senior student. I was only sixteen years at the time, teaching students who considered me as only their peers. The experience was quite daunting, but this was my first classroom teaching experience and I was committed to savor each moment of it. Subsequent to my High School career, I enrolled in one of the most prestigious and oldest Teachers’ College in Jamaica and the Caribbean, “The Mico Teachers´ College,” pursuing a career in English and Spanish. At this reputable institution, I was exposed to the rigors of pedagogy, gaining a practical glance and understanding of the multifaceted role of the teacher— as a counselor, parent, role model, manager among other important roles and responsibilities. It is also at this noble institution that I understood fully the quintessential characteristic of any successful educator—“learning how to learn.” Because knowledge is constantly evolving and, thus, can be considered as dynamic, the teacher has always got to teach him/herself as regards new trends and developments in his field of specialization. After successfully completing a three year stint at Mico College, I taught English and Spanish at Kingston College, an esteemed school for boys on the island. Determined to improve on academic qualification and experience, I subsequently applied to Howard University to pursue the Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish, after which I proceeded immediately to acquire the Masters of Arts in Spanish. For my master’s thesis, I undertook an historical analysis of the Cuban Revolution, examining the pros and the cons of forging a more improved image and standard of living for blacks on the island. The global era is in high demand for persons who can communicate across cultures. Almost daily, people are in constant communication with peoples of different cultures, religion, ethnicity and language orientation and there are some inherent barriers that, at times, thwart the effectiveness of the communication. I strongly believe that with my academic competency and training, I am highly qualified to provide effective English instructions/tutoring to prospective students. Welcome!
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