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Name: April
Gender: FEMALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Language Arts
Bio description: I originally grew up in an inner city environment. I learned at a very early age the value of education as a means I to advance personal and professional opportunities, increase personal and professional success, achieve fulfillment and satisfaction, improve feelings of self worth, self esteem and credibility. I have been enjoying the life of either a perpetual learner or enthusiastic educator for over 28 years. I received my Master's of Teaching and teaching license from the State of New Jersey in 1992 in the content area of English. I went on to study for my Doctorate in American and British Literary Theory and Criticism but due to illness did not finish my dissertation. I have been a teacher at community colleges on the East Coast of the United States, The College of New Jersey, and in special education environments. I have had the opportunity to teacher individuals in a maximum security facility resulting in their creation of a poetry book and I have a extensive knowledge of teaching all levels of gifted learners. I had my own tutoring company for over 5 years teaching students age ranged from pre-Kindergarten to adults. I have created and implemented many types of curricula encompassing academically rigorous curriculum, vocational technical curriculum, creative and experimental educational models as wells as creating highly individualized learning plans. Integrated throughout my professional teaching life I have found the absolute importance of being a good writer. Writing is the key to success for a student. Effective use of words, language, content and, yes, even specific standards are necessary for a student's progression through grade school, high school, higher education and career. Writing improves communication, critical and analytical thinking, creativity and creative problem solving, and generally ones view of the world around them. We, as humans, look at the world through language coated glasses and I love to help students find their own voice and style of written communication whether it be in an English class, Language Arts class, Literature class or any other content area that relies on words to convey meaning. I derive personal satisfaction taking a student through the learning process one step at a time while honoring their individual personalities and learning styles inevitably facilitating a student to succeed to reach her or his goals however they define success for themselves.
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