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Name: Claudia
Gender: FEMALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Math, Science, World Languages, Language Arts, Computer Coding, Social Studies
Bio description: In the past I have worked with AmeriCorps, I would mentor and tutor youth. The location I taught was at an Elementary, to increase academic achievement in Math and Language Arts. I would help them individually with reading comprehension, writing, spelling, and phonics. I was exposed to students with different conditions and helping those students overcome those challenges made me proud of them and love my job. I have developeda strong sense of flexibility, energy, and patience for an effective tutor. My past experience has made me passionate about changing students' lives by working with them in an academic setting. Another interesting experience I have encountered serving at an Elementary as a tutor to second grade students. Being in the classroom and learning in college the policy's that affect student learning, I see the gaps that make student fall behind. For example I frequently see in the classroom a misunderstanding between teachers and ESL students. Therefore, I would change my lessons to teaching the students confidence and help break the language barrier between student and staff.
Availability :
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