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Name: Cody
Gender: MALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Math, Language Arts
Bio description: I am a music composer, orchestrator, teacher and tutor who has always had a vested interest in providing students with the highest satisfaction and help I could provide. It has always been a pleasure of mine to see the student soar in the subject areas that they may be struggling with. When first starting to tutor, I tutored primarily in music theory, composition, piano, and songwriting. Students’ music theory grades would often go up from D’s to B’s, as a result of the tutoring services rendered. I started out tutoring with Wyzant and Take Lessons in 2012 after graduating college. I didn’t get much in the way of students at the start, but in the last 2 years, I have helped over a thousand students bring their grades up or improve their skills in music and English. I am a very patient tutor who has worked with a variety of students, some with various disabilities that may inhibit learning processes. Retention rates of the students that I tutor are very high, perhaps in the 80 to 90 percentile of sorts. I have experience in tutoring people who may be shy or a little over-active as well. For the past two years, I have added tutoring students in academic subjects such as reading comprehension, English/Language Arts, elementary math, and humanities. I am currently using services like Eventbrite to offer free tutoring to those around the nation remotely.
Availability :
Monday   Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
Tuesday   Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
Wednesday   Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
Thursday   Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
Friday   Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
Saturday   Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
Sunday   Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night