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Name: Emily
Gender: FEMALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Math, Language Arts
Bio description: Hello, my name is Emily Young. From 2009- 2011 I was an after school camp counselor. It was my job to bring my students inside, prepare their snacks, and then help them identify what their homework was, how to get started on their homework, and more importantly, how to do it correctly. My kids were 6-9 years old and I helped them memorize their spelling words with games and memorization techniques. I also helped them learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication. I often used visual and hands on aides. Sometimes I would place ten marshmallows in front of the kids and ask them to remove two. This would demonstrate 10-2, of course! From 2012-2016 I went to college to study human development and early childhood education. During this time I also worked with fifth and sixth graders with their literature and English homework as a teaching assistant. My students were most engaged when I would read out loud to them for 2-3 pages. After this I would ask engaging questions such as, 'What would you do if you were the main character?' 'Would you speak up or stay quiet if you were in that situation?' I would allow 5-8 minutes of discussion and then we would finish the chapter. I also liked to use colored markers to help the kids learn which words might be nouns, verbs, or adjectives. Towards the end of my college career I had the honor of working with high school and college students at the autism center known as ASPEN. My job here was to help the students learn how to study more effectively. My best tips were to start with three deep breaths. With each breath I told my students to remember they were important, they were wildly intelligent, and they were capable. I often suggested that the kids start an assignment that was difficult for them three days before it was due if it was a "small" assignment, and seven days before it was due if it was a "big assignment." We worked on managing procrastination and time management frequently as well. Most recently I had the honor of working with third graders! They are my pride and joy. With this age group I often will teach one to three students at a time because they are at such a delicate age. If they are working on punctuation I would teach them hand signals to copy when learning when a period or an exclamation mark is appropriate. When they were learning to read short chapter books I encouraged them and told them to write down any word they didn't understand because it would likely be on the spelling test. Overall, I've had about eleven years of experience with kids ranging in age from 8-17. I hope I have the opportunity to continue very soon!
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