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Name: Ericka
Gender: FEMALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies
Bio description: My name is Ericka Hunter and I have been teaching for ten years. I am equipped with the Communication Teaching Method, a philosophy that I am ready to use as an English Teacher. I apply this method through interactive student-centered activities that maximize student talk time and class participation. I have developed critical pedagogic classroom management skills. I scaffold my lessons by engaging students in speaking, grammar, writing, listening, and reading, this helps my teaching to appeal to different diverse learning styles and levels. This motivates my students to improve individually and as a group, their accuracy and fluency across key skill areas. I have also used different on-line teaching platforms inside the classrooms such as Moodle, Pearson, Zoom, Edmodo, Microsoft Sway, Microsoft Team, Kidblog, iSams, classdojo, AdaptedMind.com, YouTube and a few others to enhance, encourage, invigorate, motivate and to install new ideas and concept to take the 21st teaching classroom of students to its next academic level. In my classes, I typically set aside five-ten minutes at the start of each lesson for students to share their strengths and weaknesses based on the Subject or Topic that will be taught within the class for that period and for revision from the previous lessons. This is a very effective strategy that I have used which has helped my students and myself to review certain areas in the lesson preparation to make necessary adjustments and modifications if needed.
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