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Name: James
Gender: MALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Language Arts, Social Studies
Bio description: With seven years experience in higher education, James Weatherford is committed to student success. Holding two masters degrees, Weatherford is committed to lifelong learning and teaching. From 2010 to 2017, he taught college preparatory courses for Tarrant County College, as well as serving as a writing tutor in the Academic Learning Center. Encountering all levels of academic writing, narratives, creative writing, scholarship essays, and literary analyses, Weatherford gained invaluable experience as he worked with a myriad of learning styles. In 2017, those writing coach skills translated into the opportunity to teach developmental writing levels I & II for Weatherford College, another institution for which he had tutored in the Center for Research and Writing. With such language arts education experience, coupled with content matter expertise in world humanities, James Weatherford is an exceptional tutor and teacher, capable of leading any student to superior level of excellence in English and Social Studies.
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