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Name: Joseph
Gender: MALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Language Arts
Bio description: My tutoring experience can be broken into two parts: first, as a Writing Center Tutor (3 years of experience); and second, as an Instructor of Freshman Composition (2 years of experience). As a Writing Center Tutor, I received extensive training that allowed me to confidently assist with a wide range of genres, subjects, and styles; and I moreover received the practical experience necessary to put this knowledge to use. More importantly, I helped writers learn and/or improve upon the concepts necessary to write their essays. I worked with undergraduates, graduates, and faculty to help them at any stage in their writing process. We created outlines, revised essay structure, discussed organization, and applied ideas we had brainstormed directly to their current draft; I always tailored my sessions to the learning needs of the individual writer. My philosophy is that the essay you are writing is your own—I am there to help you generate your ideas and help you to better understand the concepts and skills necessary to accomplish your goals. As a result, I often found that, in repeat sessions with writers, those I had previously tutored were more confident in their ability to compose essays and apply new skills and concepts—and that they were moreover ready to build upon what they had learned from previous sessions in order to craft more robust essays and garner a more thorough understanding of writing in general. As an Instructor, I applied many of these same skills to a broader audience, but with an increased emphasis on breaking down complicated information and managing student needs with university expectations. Still, it was my goal to foster productive working relationships with students, as I closely monitored their drafting process and offered extensive written feedback to help guide them towards the concepts they needed to be applying. In short, I have over five years of experience working with students on a range of styles, topics, and genres. I have enjoyed helping people with their writing projects and in learning to be more effective writers, and I have done my best to make the process of learning for writers to both enjoyable and productive.
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