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Name: Juwairiah
Gender: FEMALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Math, Science, Language Arts
Bio description: Juwairiah recently graduated cum laude from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor of Arts in American Sign Language Linguistics and Deaf Cultures, with a minor in Child Development and Family Studies. With a background in linguistics, she has superb language and communication skills. Juwairiah has excellent knowledge of proper grammar and spelling, along with semantics and various speech styles best utilized for specific audiences. As an educator, she holds the ability to help teach the complexities of the English language and its rules in ways that are easy to understand. She is detail-oriented, personable and dedicated. Juwairiah understands that each client is an individual—meaning each client has individual needs, as well. Her dedication and supportive nature ensure that her approaches to tutoring and teaching are best-suited to the individual client. Too often people struggling in specific subjects feel as though they are incapable of learning that subject material. If that sounds like you, working with Juwairiah will show you that it was not that you lacked the ability to learn the information, you simply needed someone to teach it and convey it in a different way! After years of heavy involvement in university and community organizations, Juwairiah has also acquired great leadership abilities, which are supplemented by her skills to work collaboratively and with diverse populations. Juwairiah is a multi-tasker with a strong work ethic and ability to adapt to the situation at hand.  She gives her best efforts and supports those around her to achieve their greatest potentials, too! After years of working with children—especially those who have special needs, along with her experiences tutoring and teaching, Juwairiah has the background and ability to help you learn in ways customized just for you!
Availability :
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