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Name: Kathleen V.
Gender: FEMALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: World Languages
Bio description: During the 1990s, I lived in Valencia, Spain for seven years. In the early 2000s, after returning to the US, I worked at the Weather Channel Latin America, presenting the weather in Spanish, and later went on to AccuWeather where I presented the weather in both Spanish and English. After leaving AccuWeather I worked for several years as a science writer at Penn State University, where I wrote press releases about research, and translated many of those press releases into Spanish for Spanish-speaking reporters. I also produced a video series (in both English and Spanish) about research and new discoveries at Penn State. I have always enjoyed language and writing, putting words together like puzzle pieces to convey information or to inspire an emotion. I love grammar and etymology, discovering the history of irregular verbs, and helping others to edit their work to develop crisp, meaningful prose. I have three sons -- a preschooler and a set of twins -- and my husband is a geneticist at Penn State. I enjoy sci-fi and mystery novels, Netflix binges, and true crime podcasts.
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