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Name: Marie
Gender: FEMALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: World Languages, Language Arts
Bio description: Hello! I am a bilingual (TESOL-Certified) teacher of English and Italian as second languages. I have over 15 years of international experience, assisting learners of all ages and cultural backgrounds. I teach all levels--grammar and conversation--for all purposes (e.g.: academic, business, travel, and leisure). I thoroughly enjoy what I do, so I work around students' personalities and inclinations to maximize their enjoyment of the learning process. My teaching style is highly interactive, and I make sure my students are fully engaged in acquiring their new language skills, while having fun :) I love having the privilege of assisting others in their learning--a result of the memorable, positive impression a wonderful high school teacher had on my development, not only as a student of the subject she taught but also as a participant in this journey we call life. Learning anything fully and efficiently takes a curious and open mind that is eager to expand in understanding. Oftentimes, the environments we find ourselves in, rather than nurture us into this expansion, seem to challenge our ability to learn and grow joyfully. A memorable teacher is someone who sees the natural (often latent) gift and potential in others and strives to inspire them to develop the skills that will allow them to bring this gift out to the world. Some of these skills and talents include: self-knowledge; self-worth; a positive mindset on our ability to learn and change; inquisitiveness; critical thinking; and, focus & presence in the moment. These skills support us in becoming lucid observers and learners in our everyday lives, helping us grow and improve as a whole, and become more effective interlocutors in our relationships with others and with the world at large. As I have had the opportunity to discover first hand, anyone can develop these skills and appreciate the positive changes that ensue in one's life. Learning is a life-long journey into self-discovery and self-empowerment, and I love having the chance of sharing this journey with others in our quest to become the best version of ourselves for a fuller appreciation of our shared human experience.
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