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Name: Megan
Gender: FEMALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Math, Science, World Languages, Social Studies, Business
Bio description: My clinical training has emphasized individualized treatment with children. While completing my clinical experiences at the Lehman College Speech and Hearing Center, I worked with 3 children with a variety of speech and language disorders through teletherapy. I developed semester treatment and session plans, performed evaluations by administering non-standardized tests, led therapy, recorded session notes, held family conferences, wrote an end of semester summary brief, and created a home program. This experience further strengthened my computer and telework skills. I am excited for my future work with students of all ages. Additionally, my role as community habilitation support staff for a teenager with Autism Spectrum Disorder and my time spent observing a Speech-Language Pathologist in a middle and high school left me with invaluable skills that are transferable to tutoring. Although I do not have 2 years of direct tutoring experience in the areas of elementary math, science, English, and history, I believe that my knowledge base would be more than sufficient to tutor in these subjects. Additionally, my B.S in Business Administration and my two years working in marketing and sales qualify me to provide tutoring in marketing.
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