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Name: Michael
Gender: MALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Math, Business
Bio description: In 2009, I was an MBA student doing the maximum course load. I was at the school so much, that it was suggested to me by a colleague that perhaps I should tutor for the school. I became the exclusive business tutor for the football team, the baseball team, and some of the track and field team. I continued to tutor for the university, up unto graduation in December of 2010. In August of 2011, I started teaching business administration for the community college I attended 10 years previous. I started with one course, and taught one night a week for 16 weeks. It was during those sixteen weeks, that I fell in love with teaching and tutoring - anyone, anytime, any subject that I understood. In the past seven years, I have taught as many as five classes a semester, worked a full time job, and been nominated teacher of the year for two different years. I have experience teaching the following course: Principles of Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Law, Principles of Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Retailing Management, Visual Retailing, Pricing Strategies, Customer Service, and Study Skills Courses. I have taught all of these subjects both in the classroom and exclusively online only. I have a knack for conveying extremely technical jargon into layman's terms and providing real-world application.
Availability :
Monday   Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
Tuesday   Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
Wednesday   Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
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