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Name: Nicole
Gender: FEMALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies
Bio description: I began my education journey way before I even graduated college, as I was a peer mentor at the writing center on campus of Indiana University of PA. I helped other students write, edit, and finalize any papers or assignments that they needed assistance with. Upon graduation I went on to work at Tutor Time childcare center, where I worked as the Food Specialist as well as a classroom assistant. As the food specialist I not only prepared the food, made the menus, and did the food ordering, but I also worked with the younger children in terms of textures, food recognition, food tasting, introduction of food, etc., and introduced nutrition education to the older groups. At Tutor Time we had a school age classroom in which students would come for before and after school care, and I worked closely with this group of students in terms of homework help, test prep, and summer brush up learning. After I left Tutor Time I obtained my current job as a nutrition educator for a program Called "Power Up" that goes into many schools in the Pittsburgh area to educate students from preschool to high school about the importance of a nutritious and healthy lifestyle. This job has given me the opportunity to not only work with students of all ages and grade levels, but also students from many different economic backgrounds, living situations, families, etc. With that being said, I have an extensive background in terms of childhood education, tutoring, and mentoring.
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