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Name: Sarah
Gender: FEMALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Math, Language Arts
Bio description: I have been in the education sector for almost 6 years. During high school, I taught English and Math to elementary students at a UNHCR refugee camp in Malaysia; that really incited my passion for student growth and the power of knowledge. I went on to pursue this passion by working with Americorp as an enrichment specialist and as well as a co-teacher at a charter school in the inner city. I have worked, volunteered, and engaged with governmental orgs, NGOs, and non-profits alike that advocate student civic rights and student empowerment. My most recent experience is with substitute teaching for elementary education, high school, and as well, special education/para work so I am very adaptable and versatile. I am very passionate about public service and youth civic engagement. I am student, myself, in that I am currently undergoing my master’s at UPenn (educational policy/public policy). I am strong believer in that education is holistic as an experience requiring relational, personal, and academic steps. My mantra also is that the teacher is the student, and the student is the teacher. I look forward to being working with you and us growing together!
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