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Name: Shannon
Gender: FEMALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Language Arts
Bio description: My name is Shannon Phillips. I am a certified Part-Time English Teacher. I have been a tutor for eight years. I started tutoring in 2010, tutoring students in Reading and Math. At the time, I was meeting students at the library. Most of the students that were in elementary school. I was helping students develop a passion of reading with read-alouds. During this time, the goal was to help them to read and to progress in letter sounds, vowel sounds, affixes, suffixes, and prefixes. When I helped the students in Math, we were doing basic multiplication skills. Years later, I worked for a company tutoring students in specific reading comprehension skills. There was no need for me to create lessons nor did the students have to bring in their homework from school. The company had a curriculum designed based on the skills that they need to work on. The skills that students need to excel in is based on a test that they take upon enrolling. As a tutor, I was to facilitate students' execution of the assignments and give detailed examples and learning tips on how to complete the assignment. Currently, I have been tutoring students in the privacy of their homes and creating lessons based on their struggles. I will also help them with their homework.
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