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Name: Uroosa
Gender: FEMALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Math, Language Arts, Business
Bio description: I was born and brought up in Pakistan. I have a Masters degree in Economics and have worked with the education sector of Pakistan, Mexico and United States. I have worked with NGOs, schools and universities in trying to impart quality education to the underprivileged in Pakistan and the United States. Working with schools and tutoring centers has also been an interesting experience. Working in the top private school of Pakistan, I taught students of grade 7; English Language, English Literature, World Geography and World History. In Atlanta, GA, I was working with the renowned, Mathnasium, Math tutoring center. There I helped students of K-12 with Math homework, assignments, helped them prepare for tests and exams and even taught them new topics through an innovative technique of using smart tools.
Availability :
Monday   Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
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