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Name: Colin
Gender: MALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Math, Language Arts, Test Prep, Social Studies
Bio description: I am currently a student at the University of Oxford in England, and for the past four years I have worked as a private tutor to a variety of students of varying ages and abilities. I tailor my tuition to fit the needs of each student, beginning each relationship with an assessment of the student's needs, which results in a specific list of measurable and realistic goals for improvement, and a plan of how to achieve them. Most of my experience has been in helping high school students prepare for AP and SAT Exams, helping middle school students prepare for private high school entrance exams (including SSAT, TACHS, & HSPT), and writing skills. When helping students to prepare for exams, as is typical I try to look at the results of practice tests to see which areas need the most help. However, I also try to talk through representative problems with students before determining which areas to focus on, and to gauge from this what it is about such questions or problems they find challenging. That said, I have also from time to time had the pleasure of working with students who are extremely driven and know exactly what they need to work on, and in such cases I have been more than happy to get to the meat of the matter. When teaching writing skills, I tend to take a holistic approach of focusing not merely on sentence construction, but also on structured thinking about the types of topics students are likely to be asked to write about. From this structured thinking flows ideas which can be easily structured into the format required for a good essay, and from there the types of sentences conducive to the writing style and nature of the argument being made. In addition to the experience described above, I am the oldest of six children, the range of whose age exceeds fifteen years. Therefore, I have a lifetime of experience helping children of all ages to study – from getting toddlers to sit still and read to cajoling surly teenagers into practicing for the SAT. I try to bring all of this to bear when tutoring so as to provide sympathetic but effective teaching.
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