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Name: Eric
Gender: MALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Math, Science, Language Arts, Test Prep, Computer Coding, Social Studies, Business
Bio description: I started tutoring students in math and physics courses 10 years ago when I was a Junior at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. After graduating from UNK in 2006 I went to graduate school for Physics at Creighton University on a Teaching Fellowship. While in graduate school I taught labs in both general physics and astronomy and had daily tutor sessions for students in both physics and astronomy courses. I have been working as a physicist since 2009 on several programs. While I was in graduate school I did research in High Energy Physics on the Statistical Analysis of a Low Data Sample from a run that was done on the RHIC ring with data from the STAR detector out at Brookhaven National Labs. I went to graduate school on a Teaching Fellowship and taught labs for calculus based physics courses in mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and astronomy. While doing my undergraduate coursework I tutored all math and physics courses for undergraduate students. This means I am able to also tutor college level mathematics, college level science courses, etc.
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