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Name: Jeremy
Education Level: Bachelors
Language: N/A
Subject: Math, Science, Test Prep
Bio description: I began tutoring students in the 8th through 12th grade while attending my Freshman year as an Undergraduate. My Primary focus was in all levels of Math and the Sciences , with an additional emphasis on standardized test prep primarily in a one-on-one setting. I soon also began to focus on helping other students better organize their studies and help focus on specific study techniques that deal with executive function challenges such as focus/attention in a fun and creative way. I later went on to organize tutoring sessions both individually and as a group for students studying math and science, as well as focusing exclusively on standardized test prep for both the SAT and SAT II. After completing the MCAT and scoring well, I was offered a tutoring position with one of the major test prep organizations where I was in charge of preparing future pre-medical students on how to exceed in both the Biological and Physical Sciences sections of the exam. I was also asked to begin offering to teach first year medical students who were in need of remediation on a one on one level while still an Undergraduate. My current academic responsibilities are focused around a position where I am in charge of teaching Emergency medicine to Medical Students.. The majority of these classes are taught on a volunteer basis to all level of Hospital Employees and Practitioners as well as students of all age groups and experience. Both in the group as well as individual setting.
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