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Name: Sharon
Gender: FEMALE
Education Level:
Language: N/A
Subject: Math, Science, World Languages, Test Prep, Business
Bio description: Dear Sir or Madam: As avid water polo players of the Shiners water polo team in Asheville, NC, my family and I experience the apex of endurance and discipline daily. In training, we tread water and sprint until our hearts jump out of our chest, and then in the game, we must do all this while catching, passing, and shooting the ball while defending against the opponents in 9- 13 feet of water. Exhibiting all the aforementioned qualities plus efficiency and effectiveness, punctuality, thoroughness, an ability to learn quickly, and bilingualism, I am eager to apply my philosophy: “carpe diem” (Latin for “seize the day) to transform today’s students into tomorrow’s avant-garde STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) workforce. I request to be an online bilingual instructor of Spanish, math, and/or science for a virtual school. I possess a BS in physics with a minor in math. I observed from studying gravity, the solar system, and atomic particles that physics is a sublime science. Thus in 1992, I worked as a programmer engineer at Loral Aerospace where I helped program telemetry for NASA’s Space Station and Space Shuttle. Drawing from my experience, I desire to help foster the development of learning abilities of students as the students and I enjoy the inherent nature of interaction from teaching and learning while meeting the learning objectives of an effective education, an education that imparts to students the teachings of 21st century skills for a 21st century workforce. As a programmer engineer at Loral Aerospace, I created preliminary design and implementation of customer (NASA) requirements within cost, schedule, and technical constraints. I was responsible for supporting integration activities with the HR Access COTS applications. I participated in full lifecycle software development, including design documentation ---system architecture OOD (and data modeling engineering) w/ERD’s and Access database, code (C++) reviews, unit testing and debugging as well as assisted in the analysis of operating instructions, system requirements, and the derivation of implementation requirements such as controls, input data acquisition and output requirements. I coded in C++, tested unit/integral telemetry for the NASA Space Shuttle and Space Station and ensured software standards were met and aggressively resolved key technical issues as they arose. I prepared Impact Assessments related to the software and baseline cost. In addition, I collaborated in burn down plans for development work and attended customer/contractor status and capabilities briefings. I have performed statistical analysis of acquired data as well. In April 2004, I wrote physics questions for the ACT. As a certified International Academy of Science Acellus instructor and Master Teacher of SAS Curriculum Pathways Online, a dynamic online learning environment; a virtual instructor of Introduction to Algebra(http://www.ed2go.com/CourseDetails.aspx?query=intro+to+algebra&course=ita&tab=reviews), an online course that I authored and that is offered to over a thousand community colleges through Education to Go/Cengage Learning, the nation’s leading course provider to community colleges; and as an online Algebra II instructor for Virtual Schools of Excellence, I have amassed extensive experience. In addition to online teaching and mentoring through teaching Algebra I for NCVPS and Spanish online for Berlitz Virtual Classroom, an international language company, I possess certificates of completion Virtus training as well. I published Por Qué Dios Debe Encantarse el Helado and Why God Must Love Ice Cream on Amazon Kindle in January 2013. As a NCLB Highly Qualified bilingual (English/Spanish) teacher in high school and middle school possessing NC and MS teaching licenses in math, and a FL official teaching eligibility in physics, I incorporate a pedagogical approach of catalyzed motivation that reinforces the acquisition and retention of knowledge through interactive applications, reviews, and tests of foreign languages, math, sciences, and technology within virtual environments, such as Vschoolz, Blackboard, WebCT, Jones e-education (JESS), Elluminate, and other e-learning platforms conducive to enhancing erudition. I earned certificates worth several CEU’s from SAS Curriculum Pathways Online Professional Development (OPD) and Blackboard. Also, I have extensive training in Vschoolz, Wimba Pronto, Elluminate, and Moodle online classrooms. In 1992, I received a B.S. in physics with a minor in mathematics from Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA. Upholding a very high standard of education, the professors of Southern University Physics Department—all exceptionally astute, having over 100 publications among them -- were African, Chinese, Indian, and American who left an indelible impression upon me: They settled for nothing less than the best of one’s ability. Inevitably, academia at Southern University enhanced my international forté which I transferred to my quest for a career; consequently, Loral Aerospace hired me as a programmer engineer. To further accentuate my love of different languages and cultures, I am a member of el Coro (Spanish choir) a la Basílica de San Lorenzo and in 2009 and have received my Virtus certificate from the Diocese of Charlotte. I am also a private/homeschool teacher, and in 2000, I was accepted on the basis of my two essays and GRE scores: 550=Verbal, 630=Quantitative, 620=Analytical into NC Teach, a pilot program for new teachers. My pedagogical technique includes motivation, conceptual modeling (process and process analysis). As a result, my oldest daughter, who is bilingual (English/Spanish) graduated with honors from the Timbuktu Academy physics program at Southern University. My son at age 11 participated in the field test in December 2005 for the new GRE. At age 19, he received an Associate of Science degree from AB Tech honors program and is now pursuing a dual degree in computer and electrical engineering. Their achievements along with those of my precocious younger twin daughters, who at age 4 began reading secondary school level books, and now are mastering playing the piano and violin en el Coro Hispano (Spanish choir) a la Basílica de San Lorenzo in Asheville, NC of which I am a member as well attest to my pedagogical approach as well as my children’s acquired critical cognitive skills. I pledge to be a reflective educator that effects practical as well as theoretical education that crosses all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic barriers, and furthermore, prepares today’s students as tomorrow’s STEM professionals. Hence, please afford me the opportunity to be an online bilingual, instructor of math, science, and Spanish for the avant-garde. I anticipate your response in the very near future. On 05/23/2015, I received this comment on my Ed2go course: "Thank you for teaching this class and taking the time to help as needed. I feel a little more confident in helping my daughter with her math homework now. Also...I just got a job with Princeton Review to tutor students on the SAT. Taking this class refreshed my mind enough that I passed the math pre-test in order to get the job. Yeah! Now...off to the future... Cheryl " “Shoot!” yells the coach. I power up in the water and shoot. I score a left-hand goal. Yay!!! Sincerely (Sinceramente), Sharon Daniels
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